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Stefan Greuter is a Professor of Interaction Design in the School of Communication and Creative Arts and the Director of the Deakin Motion Lab at Deakin University.

Stefan's research brings together interaction design, game design, immersive screen experiences, and technology to develop solutions that result in serious game applications and playable user experiences.


His research interests include: 
- Immersive and mixed-reality screen experiences
- Game-inspired user interfaces
- Entertainment Screen Experiences

He was awarded two esteemed scholarships, the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) and the Australian International Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

Throughout his career, Stefan has demonstrated a continued commitment to interaction design and playable user experiences. His work was supported by substantial research income, underscoring the economic and academic value of his endeavors.


Moreover, his research has extended beyond academia, forging connections with over 20 industry partners that include noteworthy organizations like the National Gallery of Victoria, Audi, and HYDAC, among others.

Stefan has published more than 60 peer-reviewed publications. His h-index is 20  with 1100+ citations.

He has contributed to world-class conferences and journals like CHI, CHI Play, DIS, IEEE VR, and the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. He has also developed a significant portfolio of non-traditional research outputs (NTROs), which have been presented at esteemed institutions including the National Gallery of Victoria, and have received media attention at national and international levels.

At Deakin, his research has concentrated on the interaction design of immersive and mixed-reality user experiences, enhanced by high-quality, strategic industry collaborations. His research projects have had demonstrable impacts, such as the game-inspired user interface for the SPEE3D LightSPE3D metal 3D printer, developed with a team of students at RMIT University, and his award-winning collaboration with HYDAC.

Stefan's scholarly pursuits are underpinned by three core competencies: the ability to conceive of research interventions that leverage interactive and playable screen experiences to solve real-world problems; the capacity to build effective transdisciplinary academic teams; and the skill to convert research results with commercial potential into tangible industry solutions.

Stefan's scholarship was recognised by several awards. For instance, in 2022, his team received a School of Communication and Creative Arts Research Group Award from Deakin University and a Faculty Engagement, Collaboration, and Impact through Research Award for the project 'Because the Night'.

Also for 'Because the Night' his PhD candidate received a CHI Play 2022 Best Experimental Gameplay Award. Also in 2022, his commitment to fostering skills development in manufacturing was acknowledged with the Excellence in Manufacturing Skills Development Endeavour Award for his team's work on HYDAC Mixed Reality Training in collaboration with HYDAC Australia. This project was also distinguished as a finalist in the Digital Design Category of the Premier's Design Award.

In 2014, his project 'Trouble Tower' received RMIT University's Most Innovative Health and Safety Intervention award and was a finalist at the Spark Design App Awards. Stefan's research was further endorsed by the Best Paper Award at the CIB W99 Safety Health & Wellbeing in Construction Conference in 2012 and a Best Paper Award Nomination at the DS-RT Distributed Simulation and Real- Time Applications in 2011. His achievements in research development was recognised by RMIT University in 2010 with the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement.


His leadership resulted in the success of two university research entities: the Centre for Game Design Research at RMIT and the Deakin Motion Lab at Deakin University.



2018 - Present

Professor for Design
Director, Deakin Motion Lab
Deakin University

2015 - 2018

Associate Professor
Director, Centre for Game Deisign Research, RMIT University

2010 - 2015

Associate Dean, Games and Animation Disciplines
RMIT University

Recent Research Income


250k Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Kocaturk T., Greuter S., Wang R., A Spatially Intelligent Arts Centre, Chief Investigator (contract stage)

250k ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage, Potter M., Woodcock R. Greuter S., The Earth Above, Chief Investigator. (contract stage)


120k Malthouse Theatre and Deakin, Greuter S., Delbridge M., Wilmot S., Johanson K., Myers M., Taylor S., Mulvany G., Because the Night Interactive Archive, Lead Investigator. (at contract stage)


225k IMCRC Activate and HYDAC, Greuter S., Hoang T., Taylor S., Explosion Diagram Based Virtual and Augmented Reality Maintenance Training for Industrial Machines, Lead Investigator.


40k KANE Constructions and Deakin, Greuter S., Hoang T., Taylor S., Aranda G., Experiencing Hazards on Australian Construction Sites in VR., Lead Investigator.


100k Innovations Connections Grant Stage 2 and HYDAC, Greuter S., Hoang T., Taylor S., Next Generation Human Machine Interface Stage 2, Lead Investigator.


100k Innovations Connections Grant Stage 1 and HYDAC, Greuter S., Hoang T., Taylor S., Next Generation Human Machine Interface Stage 1, Lead Investigator.


10k Geological Surveys Victoria, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Greuter S., Horan B., Geological Expeditions Library Design Workshop, Lead Investigator.

80k Deakin University Research Network, Greuter S., Horan B., Nguyen L., Watson J., Funding for User X Deakin University Research Network, Lead Investigator.

50k Telematics Trust Fund, Greuter S., Balandin S., Watson J., Social games are fun, Lead Investigator.

15k SIGCHI Summer School Funding, Khot R., Mueller F., Greuter S., Zambetta F., SIGCHI Sponsored Summer School on Playful Interactions, Chief Investigator.

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