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Virtual, hands-on approach to understanding hydraulic machinery, making remote learning more accessible and resource-efficient.

HYDAC's Hydraulics VR Training offers a new approach to hydraulics training within Australia's advanced manufacturing sector. It aims to make the learning process more sustainable, user-friendly, and efficient.

The project introduces a VR hydraulics training platform that uses mobile VR headsets. This allows users to experience a virtual, hands-on approach to understanding the HYDAC Wheel Lock Hydraulics Power Unit, which is used in Australia's mining operations. It's particularly useful for those who are located far away from training centres or physical equipment. By using this digital approach, there's no need to rely on the physical machinery or transport heavy equipment for training purposes, which can save both time and resources.

Users can interact in this virtual space using voice commands, hand gestures, and virtual tools that simulate real-life maintenance tasks. The platform is designed to be intuitive and can accommodate small groups of participants, making the training experience more focused and interactive.

This work received a 2020 Premiers Design Awards Finalist Award accessible here.

HYDAC Project page is accessible here.


Project Team

Stefan Greuter, Simeon Taylor, Thuong Hoang.
This work was programmed by Paul Hammond ​with graphic design by Scott Jackson

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