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Plunge into an abstract realm where color and sound give birth to music and memories, transforming each visitor into an artist in an ever-evolving virtual playground.

Out of Space, is a groundbreaking audiovisual virtual environment developed by Adam Nash and Stefan Greuter. This innovative platform invites visitors to engage in an infinite and self-producing virtual space. As a visitor, you're not just an observer, but an active participant, free to move through the ethereal environment, creating your own unique melodies and rhythms of sound and colour. The project pushes boundaries, encouraging engagement in digital play, and forging a unique space where each interactor becomes the artist, creating unique virtual works.

The technical platform designed by Stefan Greuter, combines a Head Mounted Display with a depth camera, enabling full-body immersion in virtual reality. This brings the compelling experience of virtual reality to smaller environments and a wider audience who might not have access to professional VR facilities, paving the way for new possibilities in work, learning, entertainment, and art.

Our approach explores the opportunities offered by a non-representational model of virtual reality, questioning and challenging the limitations of representation dictated by mainstream VR rhetoric. This project recognises the rich history of digital art within the field of virtual reality, a history often overlooked in contemporary discussions.

Out of Space has gained recognition within the academic community for its unique approach and contribution to digital art. Exhibited as part of the 'Design and Play' exhibition at RMIT Design Hub and at Nanyang Technological University Art and Design Gallery in Singapore, the work showcases the creative potential and transformative power of virtual reality in the realm of digital art.

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