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Rewind time with the Geelong Arts Centre's archive of performances.

Memory Lane explores the resonant memory of the Geelong Arts Centre through an interactive installation. The installation draws inspiration from the concept of a building as a living organism, and as such Memory Lane conceptualises an arts centre that remembers its own history. This innovative feature offers a visual representation of past shows and events, accessible via a large touchscreen. GAC staff and visitors are invited to delve into these vivid memories, each comprised of image collections, video snippets, and brief textual descriptions.


The system mimics the human thought process, encouraging a natural flow between a present memory and related ones by linking to associated performances. When not being actively used by visitors, the system continues to demonstrate its vitality. It simulates the act of thought by lighting up a series of shows and events, while the rest remain dimmed, capturing the fascinating essence of a synapse-firing thinking process.


Research and Design Team

Prof. Tuba Kocaturk, Professor of Integral Design
Prof. Stefan Greuter, Professor of Interaction Design
A/Prof. Thuong Hoang, Associate Professor Human-Computer Interaction
Dr. Domenico Mazza, Research Fellow at
Dr. Sofija Kaljevic, Research Fellow
Dr. Rui Wang, Senior Research Scientist for Industry 4.0 at CSIRO
Joel McGuiness, CEO and Creative Director of the Geelong Arts Centre
Ben Monaghan, Programmer
Dennis Ioannou, Graphic Designer
Gerard Mulvany, Unreal Developer
Nick Donaldson, Content Developer
Angad Nayyar, PhD candidate

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